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Catherine Linde is a Ireland based Photographer.

After having my first daughter in July of 2022 I began taking biannual portraits of her by the window in her nursery. A little backdrop and a sweet outfit and we were set. The light softly lit up her baby features and captured cheeks, dimples, incoming teeth and little springs of baby curls. I didn't know it at the time, but as she would mature and develop these features I loved to capture she will outgrow. 


As a photographer, I balance between documenting moments and emotions and details and features. I see my family photography sessions as a time to saver the season of family life and focus on the relationship between parent and child. Whereas, with Heirloom Portraits, I aspire to capture the personhood of a single clearly look into their eyes and see who they were made to be. And as an heirloom, this portrait is not just for you to enjoy, but for them to one day treasure and pass to their children.

An all-new photography  experience coming soon. 

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